About the studio

The studio, established in 2007, creates sets of small and medium-sized light fixtures,
and specializes in unique handmade products.
Offering design solutions, planning, project support and constructive consulting, the studio
often collaborates with leading lighting consultants and architects in the industry.
The studio’s unique style combines a clean and minimalist aesthetic design. The functional design results in responsiveness to a variety of needs in different spaces. The experience in working with the industry, handcrafting techniques and use of a wide range of materials turn every design dream into a magnificent product…
The studio has been collaborating with the Yair Doram Company since 2007, and serves as the company’s Israeli in-house brand. A variety of the studio’s products can be viewed at the company’s showroom.
The combination of functional art, professionalism, excellent interpersonal communication and unbeatable and uncompromising service, has turned the studio into one of the leaders in its field.

About the team

Nir Mesika

Chief designer - Nir mesika

A 2006 Graduate of the Department of Industrial Design at Hadassah College, Mesika founded the studio in 2008 and has since been specializing and involved with the designing, planning and manufacturing of light fixtures. Mesika has worked with the finest architects and lighting consultants, on dozens of public and private projects and has been the in-house designer at the Yair Doram Company for the past ten years. 

“Lighting design, for me, is the most interesting area in the relationship between technology and interior design, the light fixture carries within it the ability to define the boundaries of the outer and inner space and is, in fact, the main story in any architectural project.”

Studio manager & manufacture - Idan dotan

A 2013 graduate from the Department of Interior Design at HIT, Dotan specializes in the design and manufacture of 3D objects and the way in which they affect their surroundings. During his studies Dotan was exposed to the field of lighting design and chose to research and focus on this field in the context of a number of different projects. In 2015 he joined the studio and has since acted as manager and head of production.
Dotan specializes in turning design ideas into a finished product, using the correct choice of production technologies and material.

“Designing light fixtures is a kind of magic, the moment in which all the parts come together as one, in which the light hits the material and is distributed in space, is a magical moment, and to me, the most exciting one.”

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